Saturday, June 30, 2007

yarn, idea as to what to make

hey, wow I'm updating twice in one day!! ha. I really do hope to start using this more. Anywho. I bought some yarn! SHHHHH. dont tell anyone! It's from thankewe's shop on etsy. I bought these..

they are just georgeous! the top one (its called fruit salad!) is 475 yards, and the bottom is 450 yards. I'm thinking about making this shawl . I think its cute. But I think I will use "fruit salad" and then make these socks from knitty with the blue/purple/green pastel yarn. but I may make those socks just a little bigger.

I do feel good about getting this though! I will dive into new things.. like shawls and socks.. two things I've never really done! And TINY TINY TINY needles and some SERIOUS lace! I'm excited!

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