Friday, July 28, 2006

my first blog! (but, not really...)

well its not exactly my very first blog.. i have a myspace which i visit frequently, and a website.. not so frequently. but. anyway. not that i really do that much crafting.. i mainly just search around (mainly at other people stuff.. instead of actually crafting myself. i know, im horrible. lol. :-) ok. well what to say? ive been workin on i really like that pattern. but ive heard that the strap seem to be too far apart.. we'll just see when I get there. im like on row.. 2. haha. i also really wanna make this!!!!!! ... there are better pics on craftster. the color its made of is so blaaaah i think i wanna use knitpicks.. something or other. im thinking a dark red. for a little red riding hood kinda look. :-) well.. uh, maybe i should work on my razor cami.. my boyfriends been giving me heck about it.. ok. bye yall.

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