Saturday, August 5, 2006

razor cami and patterns

hey yall. ive been getting along on my razor cami. heres a pic.

i ordered ms. marigold and rogue friday. dont tell anybody.. im not supposed to buy yarn.. wait, thats not yarn.. hm. so ive got the patterns but i think it'll be awhile b4 i get the yarn and such. gotta finish my razor cami. wow this thing takes a while to upload pics. hmph. ok. well. i wanna make my bf a hat with a superman emblem on it. heres the thead i started over at craftster. so i think im going to go with duplicate stitch. cuz i can make any hat i want. and then embroider over. it will work out good i think. oh and excuse the round of garter stitch from my razor cami. i was having color changing issues and knitted the wrong way. :-/ didnt wanna frog a whole row.. thats 168 stitches. and since its at the bottom u cant tell. and also its like right b4 i started the lace pattern.. so. whatever. hey if u cant see the garted stitch row, even better! but there's one there.
uhh what else to say? hm. not much.

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