Wednesday, August 16, 2006

heres a progress pic of my razor cami. its about 10" long. i was first hopin to have it done but the 21st for school startin, then i figured thats not happening so now im hoping to have it done by my bday. thats the 29th. that buys me another week. :-) i should be done. just gotta make sure i work on it this weekend.

in other knitting news, i checked out this ( book from the library. it has some really nice cables. im going to make copies and then return it so i can use them in this top in designing. i cant believe that book costs so much! my gosh! good thing theres libraries :) so what im designing.. is a tube top. im gonna knit it in the round, but make holes going down the sides of your body so u can put ribbon in to have it appear that it is laced up. then next to the ribbon there will be cables (a specific one from the book above im looking at) and then probably a fancy cable in the middle going between the boobs. im not sure what the do between that. maybe some ribbing? im not sure yet. i might even make straps. like with ribbons? or that might look stupid. im not 100% sure what i want to do yet. i need to fix my razor cami and make my boyfriend superman hat first. i hope that works out good. i really wanna try some fair isle sometime. after looking at ohmystars stuff on crafster.. im inspired. well better go knit!

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