Thursday, November 16, 2006

its been awhile.

ok so I like totally forgot I had this thing.. haha. thats how bad I am about craft blogs. I usually just use my myspace. anyway I have been crafting, I added lots of stuff to my etsy. (my etsy) I really like the new etsy by the way! But a lot of my pics havnt shown up yet. and I dont think I have them anymore so I hope they fix them soon otherwise I dunno what I'm going to do. I'll have to take pics of everything again. that would totally SUCK. Ive started a few other scarves since Ive made the blue one on my etsy, too. Ones red and really soft and fuzzy. But I think I need to restart it, the tension is terrible. It's crochet.. and I was more of practicing then paying attention. Unless someone wants a scarf that is thin in some places and wider in others. haha. its not that in increasing or decreasing, I'm not. I'm just pulling tighter and looser. lol. I'm weird. And another scarf I started is a blue, purple, and white scarf out of some acrylic. but its really wide and has random stripes.. so I really like it and want to keep it for myself. But all my winter coats dont match it. so maybe I will sell it. but it will be awhile until i finish it. I tend to start one project and then start another. I'm terrible. My last scarf is with caron simply soft with some pretty variegated yarn in autumn colors. It's got green, blue, purple, gold, and red. Maybe some pics would be helpful. Lemme find my camera. I think that anyone (if anyone?) that reads this deserves to see some pics. OK I found it. Heres some pics.

This is the autumn one. It's in double crochet. My first time with double crochet! not bad, I think.

And another pic..

Just a few more pics of the autumn one. I LOVE the way the double crochet looks.

And here is the red, fuzzy, oddly shaped scarf. lol. You can really see the fuzzies in this pic. Doesnt it just make you want to reach out and touch it?

And here I pointed out where its wider and smaller.

EDIT! I forgot to add the pics of the purple, white and blue scarf.. DUH. its like the best one. well, not really. My fav is the autumn one. anywho.

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